Bisbee Daily Review

July 11, 1917

Compromise With “Rattlesnakes” Impossible, Declares Douglas

            (By Review Leased Wire)

            GLOBE, July 10

            There will be no compromise between the Old Dominion company and the strikers, Walter Douglas, president of the Phelps Dodge corporation and a director of the Old Dominion company, declared tonight before leaving on his special train for Douglas, Ariz.

            “There will be no compromise because you cannot compromise with a rattlesnake,” Mr. Douglas said.

            “That goes for both the International Union and the I.W.W.’s,” he added quickly.

            “This is a part of a nation-wide propaganda and the allied grievances are only talking points for that propaganda. The I.W.W.’s say any concession made to them by the operators at this time is not binding in the future and at best if only temporary. It is against their principles to make any agreements with the mine owners and they say the ultimate concession is the turning over the mines to them and the abolition of the wage system.

            “I believe the government will be able to show that there is German influence behind this movement. These men had no money yet they are rich with it now. There is money behind this movement and brains far bigger and more capable than Big Billy Haywood, who is the only American I know of that is mixed up in this I.W.W. business. The organizers spend money like drunken sailors and there is a general belief it is German money."

            Mr. Douglas said the strikers had no real grievances and added that the men had a grievance committee appointed by themselves to consider any such. He said the companies would be glad to give up the hospitals at any time and added that the Arizona compensation law has caused soldiering on the part of the men who were seeking compensation.

            He said conditions were improving rapidly in Bisbee, but that a deadlock existed at Clifton, where the Spaniards from the anarchical provinces of Spain controlled and led the way for the I.W.W. organization.