Bisbee Daily Review

July 11, 1917

I.W.W Menace in Warren District Steadily Dying

Mine Forces Continue to show Healthy gains Each Day - Picket Cases Are Taken Under Advisement by Court

            Indications on the streets of the Warren District, point to a steady resumption of work on the part of many miners who quit their work on June 27 when the I.W.W., called a strike in the local mines. Every day witnesses more men with their lunch buckets going and coming from their work in local properties and the additions to the Shattuck force, yesterday, offered substantial encouragement for more men to declare their intention of taking up their duties before July 13.

            Pickets of the I.W.W. continue to hold forth at the post office, depot, Lowell and at other places where workers go and come from their places of employment. There appears to be a steady diminution in their number, however, and those acting at present, are, for the greater part, strangers in the district or men who were not working when the strike was called.

            In spite of the continued presence of the pickets no trouble of any kind had resulted in the District since Sunday morning. For a time, yesterday, it appeared likely that the pickets would precipitate trouble when the Copper Queen employees came off day shift yesterday. The miners came off day in a body and passed in front of the post office. A hurry call was sent to the union headquarters and a number of I.W.W.'s rushed to the scene. The miners, however, went quietly on about their business and the pickets realizing the hopelessness of their cause made no offer of trouble.

 Picket Case Heard

            Yesterday, before Police Judge Frank E. Thomas, Eugene smith, and I.W.W. picket in front of the post office, was placed on trial for the alleged violation of Ordinance, 4, section 9. Sam H. Kyle, represented the city and W.B. Cleary, the defendant.

            The defendant's attorney offered a demurrer to the charge, which was overruled. He then demanded a jury trial, which was also overruled. The case then went to trial and several witnesses were placed on the stand

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