Bisbee Daily Review

July 11, 1917

67 "Wobblies" are Shipped From Jerome in Cattle Cars

JEROME, July 10. - "The reign of the Industrial workers of the World on Jerome is at an end," said Mayor J.J. Cain today as he stood in the railroad yards and watched two cattle cars loaded with men disappear in the distance. There were 67 men in the cars, all reputed to be members of the Industrial Workers of the World and 50 armed citizens accompanied them to see that they did not come back. The cars were booked up to a locomotive and the short train was run as an "extra" its destination being Jerome Junction, 27 miles away.

Town Cleaned Up

            Deportation of the men came after a "drive' this morning in which hundreds of miners and other citizens, all armed, participated with the object of "cleaning up" the town. All of the men were considered by Jerome city officials to be "undesirables" because of a strike called in the copper district by the Metal Miners' branch of the Industrial Workers of the World, which was repudiated by the International Union on mine, Mill and Smelter Workers. Many men had heard of the "drive" and left Jerome early this morning.

            After the men were placed in the cattle cars they were given plenty of drinking water but nothing to eat. As the train pulled out several shouted at the citizens "we'll come back." But to this Mayor Cain only smiled.

            Afterward he remarked: "Jerome citizens have demonstrated that they know how to deal effectively with an undesirable element."

Home Guard on Job

            PRESCOTT, July 10. - About 50 members of the Prescott home guard made a trip of about 20 miles in automobiles to Jerome Junction and intercepted a train on which about 75 alleged members of the Industrial Workers of the World were being deported from Jerome (arresting nine of them.)

            Among those arrested was "Red" Thompson. The arrested men were brought here and the others loaded on a freight train, guarded by volunteers and deputy sheriffs and sent on their way. Needles, Cal., was the announced destination of the party.