Prescott Journal Miner

July 11, 1917

Jerome and Prescott Send I. W. W. on their Way Unrejoiced

An Outraged Citizenry is Baring Teeth to Agitators

            In order that the slogan may go forth from Yavapai county to the effect that Arizona has no room for labor agitators “at large,” members of the Prescott Home Guard met in formal session at the Superior court room at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon and planned their activities in cases where there is further disturbance in this section. The demonstration of the effectiveness of the guard as a home protective unit, and its great mobility at Jerome Junction yesterday, had its effect in increasing the community interest in the movement, and one result was a large increase in membership.

            Led by the best and most respected citizens of Prescott, the guard had declared itself in unmistakable terms as opposed to the organized anarchy of the I. W. W. with whom it dealt with so summarily at the junction a few hours before. Short speeches were made by a number of prominent men, who voiced the sentiments of the entire guard when they said that patriotism must come first in the copper field.

            Plans to make more safe the city and its environs, were made in secret by the governing committee of the home guard, and in order that the world might know the stand of Prescott on this matter, a strong was passed. It was pointed out that in this instance, at least, citizens had ACTED first and RESOLUTED afterward. The resolution follows:


            “WHEREAS, the members of an organization known as the I. W. W. aided and encouraged by other public enemies and persons acting for the governments now waging war against the United States, have invaded the larger mining camps of Yavapai County and incited strikes, disturbances, and treason; and are threatening riots, destruction and revolution, and

            “WHEREAS, the disloyal and revolutionary conduct of these persons, coming at a time when our Nation faces a crisis, and in localities where metals of vital importance to our country are being produced in large quantities, and under circumstances which tend to intimidate the members of loyal labor unions from operating the mines of the county, proves the treasonable disposition of those affiliated with the I. W. W. and all persons acting with them; now, therefore, the citizens of Prescott, in mass meeting assembled, do unitedly denounce said organization and its supporters as enemies of the United States and a menace to the law-abiding public; and it is hereby

            “RESOLVED, that this community, speaking for itself and the great body of law-abiding citizens of Yavapai county, avows its determination to free itself from the scourge of these traitors; to tolerate no longer their arrogant lawlessness and interference with the great industries of the county; to protect in every adequate manner the employer and employee in the prosecution of their labors, and to support financially, morally and forcibly if necessary the peace officers and voluntary organizations upon whom the task devolves of meting out quick and ample justice to I. W. W.’s and their ilk. And be it further

            “RESOLVED, that there is no longer any room in Yavapai county for I. W. W.’s at large.”