Prescott Journal Miner

July 11, 1917

Jerome and Prescott Send I. W. W. on their Way Unrejoiced

Bring Peace to Camp by Simple Easy Quick Means

Special to the Journal-Miner

            JEROME, July 10. – By the simple and surprisingly easy process of rounding up the Wobblies and shipping them out in two cattle cars, industrial peace was restored in Jerome this morning.

            Tired of having the camp ruled by a few roughneck anarchists, 250 business and professional men and miners started at sunrise to clean out Jerome’s labor troubles. The Wobblies were routed out of bed in various cheap rooming houses, given scant time to get into their clothes and hustled to the city jail where the officers frisked them and shoved them inside.

            Much to the surprise of the vigilantes, no weapons were taken except two revolvers, one knife and a pair of brass knuckles.

            The impression had been that most of the Wobblies were armed and desperate but they proved both docile and harmless.

            The decision to rid the camp of agitators is reported to have been reached at a secret meeting of business men at the High school last night. E. W. MacLean, Geo. Moore, Representative Jim Mahoney, and “Bull” Hughes were named as squad leaders. Each picked a few cool and trustworthy men to carry revolvers of rifles, and the others were instructed to arm themselves with pick handles and lengths of pipe. A white handkerchief around the left arm was the vigilante badge. The city hall was the rallying place and 6 o’clock the time.

            Approximately 250 men reported, for cleanup day. As the sun rose over the Mogollon rim the squads marched into the Mexican and Austrian quarter. Every cheap rooming house in the city was carefully searched. Sleepers wee routed out and all who could or would not give a satisfactory account of themselves were hustled to the jail. In a raid on a pool hall, commonly known as the Wobbly headquarters, a list of local members was found.

            At 9:30 the cleaning process was concluded. Over 100 were marched up the hill. They halted at the United Verde office, and the superintendents and union officials with the membership roll examined all the prisoners. Several unioners were allowed to go. Two or three Wobblies with families, including Secretary J. R. Baskett, were turned loose with instructions to leave town as soon as possible. Others were thrown into jail for further investigation.

            At 10:30 by special arrangement, a train for the Wobblies pulled out. Some of them threatened to return. The anxiety of others to have their acquaintances forward their effects showed they had no notion of returning. A number of guards accompanied them to the junction.

            The Wobblies are gone forever from Jerome in the opinion of citizens, officers and union officials. The union took no part as an organization. Many members assisted the citizens.

            Full crews are at work today on the United Verde and United Verde Extension. A number of smaller properties resumed at full blast tonight and others will start tomorrow.