Prescott Journal Miner

July 13, 1917

Bisbee Ships Over Thousand I.W.W.

U. S. Must Step in – Campbell

(By Associated Press)

            PHOENIX, July 12. – Governor Campbell’s message to the president included a full report of the proceedings at Bisbee during the last 36 hours. After stating the situation was sufficiently critical to call for Federal intervention at Bisbee, Clifton, Morenci, Ray, Humboldt, Jerome and Ajo, the governor said: “With not less than 5,000 members of the I. W. W. scattered throughout the State fomenting propaganda to bring about a recognition of their organization, the situation is sufficiently critical to call for Federal investigation and firm action.

            “Without State troops at my command, local communities are dependent on themselves for protection and without Federal assistance it may be looked for that action similar to that at Jerome and Bisbee will be taken.”


            Brought to a realization that I. W. W. intimidation was responsible for continual harassing of men who would toil, 1,500 citizens of Bisbee, Warren, Douglas and vicinity organized as deputies under Sheriff Wheeler of Cochise county, “work” Bisbee and deport 1,000 idle men.

            Business is suspended while the whole community engages in the hunt for agitators. Those who refuse to go back to work or to account for their idleness are searched, interned in the ball park and finally sent East with their destination a secret on a train of cattle cars.

            W. B. Cleary, the agitating radical attorney of Bisbee is caught in the rabble and sent out of the district.

            Sheriff Wheeler is asked by Governor Campbell and by the war and justice departments by what authority men are being deported. His proclamation, issued prior to the round-up is broad statement of the utter weariness of the county at I. W. domination and determination to get rid of this menace.

            Announcement is made in Washington that governors of States are authorized to call in and use Federal troops in labor emergencies. Campbell has asked General Parker in command of the Southern district to take Bisbee situation in hand.

            First intimation that Globe will take action to quell I. W. W. is seen in arrest of agitator for alleged instigation of riot there ten days ago.

            Mediation fails in Gallup coal fields and at Leadville.

            Prescott authorities thoroughly examine all idle men to be found in city, arresting some for further investigation and freeing others with sound warnings as to what they can and cannot do in view of thinness of public patience.