Reminiscences of Gussie Wood, undated.

Sharlot Hall Museum Library, Box 2, Folder 4, Item 6 of "Old Bisbee as I remember it."

It happened at night

By Gussie Wood

About the year of 1917 the I.W.W. from out of state invaded Bisbee, for the purpose of organizing the miners. The company officials strongly resented their interference, since here to fore there had been no serious trouble.

Under cover of darkness men came knocking on doors and the men were escorted to waiting boxcars, and taken to Melrose, a small place in New Mexico. Accommodations were a depot, section house, and commissary.

An attorney and other prominent citizens were also deported. Many returned to their homes and jobs. A compromise was made. The incident created considerable publicity. Eventually a grievance committee was born. A man was elected by the workmen to represent each of the various departments. A friendly relationship resumed, which continued for many years. The miners worked that situation instead of a union.