Who's Who

These biographies were provided by Beth Henson. She completed these as part of an internship project for the UA History Department.

In two cases, we have been unable to obtain photographs of these people. Photographs of their grave sites have been provided by Beth Henson.
Click on the small photographs for a larger image. Click on the photograph or the name of the person for biographical information.

Jim Brew
Brew, Jim IWW organizer


Thomas Campbell
Campbell, Thomas E. Governor of Arizona


Walter Douglas
Douglas, Walter P. President of Phelps-Dodge Corporation


John Greenway
Greenway, John C. General Manager of the Calumet and Arizona Mine


William Haywood
Haywood, William Dudley "Big Bill". Secretary General of the IWW


W.P. Hunt
Hunt, W.P. Six term Governor of Arizona


Frank Little
Little, Frank . IWW Organizer


Orson McRae
McRae, Orson P. Phelps Dodge shift boss


Lemuel Shattuck
Shattuck, Lemuel. President of the Shattuck-Denn Mining Company


Henry Wheeler
Wheeler, Henry . Sheriff of Cochise County