Lemuel Shattuck, President of the Shattuck-Denn Mining Company

Lemuel Shattuck, President of the Shattuck-Denn Mining Company

Portrait courtesy of the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum

Born Erie, Pennsylvania, 1866. Date of Death Unknown.

Like many other youth of the time, Shattuck left home at age seventeen. He drifted through the West and settled in Cochise County, where he found work ranching and prospecting. From 1888-90, he worked at the Copper Queen Mine in Bisbee. He was one of the small group of speculators who organized the Shattuck-Denn Mining Company in 1906 and came to be its sole proprietor. That mine was once considered the "highest-grade, lowest cost producer in the world" and was the third largest mine in the Bisbee area. He became a wealthy man and was President of the Miners-Merchants Bank and Director of the Bisbee Improvement Company. He also served on Bisbee's first city council and on the County Board of Supervisors. He was a lifelong member of the Democratic Party.

Shattuck was a former miner and friend of the working man; the evidence suggests that, as such, he was not involved in the planning or execution of the deportation, although he was deputized by Sheriff Wheeler on July 11. He was indicted for kidnapping and conspiracy and arrested, along with 224 others, but the charges were dropped.

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