January 1918

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Federal Law to Check Bisbee Deportations

Washington, Dec. 21.—Congressman Hayden of Arizona has introduced a bill “to prohibit and punish the interstate deportation of laborers and other persons.”

There is no federal law covering the deportation of workers from one state to another. Congressman Hayden’s plan provides that another Bisbee occurrence shall be punished by fine and imprisonment of not more than $2000 and two years in jail if the offender is a natural person, and if the offender is a corporation it shall be fined not less than $10,000 and the directors shall be liable as individuals.

The term “deportation” is defined as “the accomplishment of involuntary removal, without due process of law and either with or without the application of physical violence, of any person or persons from one state to another state, or from a state to a territory, or from one territory to another, or from either a state or territory to the District of Columbia, or the reverse of any of these.”

 “Section 2. That it shall be unlawful and a violation of this act for any person, company, partnership or corporation, either acting alone or by collusion or conspiracy, or in concert with another or others, to deport, or cause or accomplish the deportation of another person or persons, whether such deportation is accomplished or sought to be affected by means of threats, menaces, demonstrations of hostility, or putting in fear of the person or persons sought to be or actually deported, or by means of physical violence directed against or applied to such person or persons.”