Official Reports

Mining industry and U.S. federal documents describing the events and conditions in Bisbee 1917-1919.

Reports by the Mining Industry

Government Reports

  • "Sixth Annual Report of the Secretary of Labor," Reports of the Department of Labor 1918. Report of the Secretary of Labor and Reports of Bureaus (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1919). pp. 9-17, 23-28.
    UA Special Collections H9791 B621 U58
    Different edition: UA Main, Government Documents L1.1:918

  • Department of Labor Office of the Secretary Report of the Bisbee Deportations made by the President's Mediation Commission to the President of the United States, November 6, Washington Government Printing Office, 1918
    UA Special Collections, H9791 B621 U58r
    UA Main Government Documents L1.2:B54

Investigative News Reports