Bisbee Deportation Legal Papers and Exhibits, 1919. University of Arizona Special Collections, AZ 114 Box 1 and 2.

Case, Jacob, and Sharlene Grant. "The Bisbee Deportation of 1917: A Management-Labor Conflict in Arizona: An Annotated Bibliography." (Published by the authors, Mesa, AZ, 2000.) The authors were sophomores at Mesa High School when they completed this guide. This bibliography was part of their project for the National History Day competition.  They received first place for the state and region).

List of Deportees. This list begins with demographic data about deportees. The subsequent pages list names in no discernible order. Included in the information provided for each individual is nationality, whether they had taken out citizenship papers, purchased Liberty Bonds, were married, had children, were registered for the draft, owned property and had bank accounts. There are a total of 900 names on the list. This list is presented in its original format and layout as provided by the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum.

United States, President's Mediation Commission. Report on the Bisbee Deportations. Washington: GPO, 1918.