Arizona Department of Library. Archives and Public Records, Historical Photograph Collection at the Arizona State Archives. Search "Bisbee" either as a subject or place.

The Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum devotes its exhibits to the history of the town.

Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley. "Memories of the Industrial Workers Of The World." Transcript of her speech given at Northern Illinois University (DeKalb, Illinois), on November 8, 1962. In 1961, Flynn became the first female Chairman of the Communist Party of the United States.

Haywood, William D.
1) General defense committee ... Will you help? now? Another member of the Industrial workers of the world has been murdered. Chicago, 1919.
2) With Drops of Blood: The History of the Industrial Workers of the World Has Been Written. Chicago, 1919.
Both available through the Library of Congress' American Memory project

The Industrial Workers of the World website provides contemporary information on the organization.

Jim Crutchfield's I.W.W. Page links to the IWW New York City branch home page and several IWW pamphlets.

Jerome deportation (precursor to the Bisbee deportation) from a general introduction to a Jerome, Arizona homepage.

Union-busting at Cripple Creek (1902-1904 includes deportation)