Activity  3B: Analyzing Data - Demographic Data of Deportees

Students will analyze demographic data.

Standard: Strand 1- American History

Grade 6, 7, 8

Concept: 1: Research Skills for History

PO 1. Construct Charts, graphs, and narratives using historical data

PO 2.Interpret historical data displayed in graphs, tables, and charts

PO 4. Formulate questions that can be answered by historical study and research

Grade 7

Concept 7: Emergence of the Modern U.S.

PO 1. Analyze the impact of industrialization on the United States

b. factory conditions (mines)

c. unions

d. influence of big business

PO 11. Describe major factors in Arizona history (e.g. mining).

High School

Concept 1: Research Skills for History

PO 1. Interpret historical data displays in graphs, tables, charts

PO 4. Construct graphs, tables and charts to interpret historical data

PO 5. Evaluate primary sources for

a. purpose and perspective

b. facts vs. opinions

c. different points of view concerning the same historical event

Concept 7: Emergence of the Modern United States

PO 1d: Analyze how aspects of the labor movement relating to the Bisbee Deportation transformed the American economy.


Sheriff Wheeler sent a telegram to Governor Campbell on June 30, 1917 in which he stated "...a majority of the strikers seem foreign.  The whole thing appears to be pro-German and anti-American."1 Strikers were accused of coming to Bisbee only to make trouble and not settle become part of the community.  Based upon the information in the Deportees List, how much truth is there to these charges?

Give students copies of the second page of the Deportation List, titled "Segregation." The information students will need is on this page, however, you might want to give copies of one or two other pages listing the names for students to examine. (If students have computers available, making copies of the page may not be necessary.)

  1. Have students compute the percentage of deportees who were Americans, Germans, Mexicans, Servians*, Irish, Finlanders, and Austrian.  (*In the early part of the 20th century Serbians were spelled with a "v".)
  2. On the bottom of the page titled "Segregation" are totals of how many deportees were married, had children, had taken out citizenship papers, purchased Liberty Bonds, registered for the draft, owned property and had bank accounts. Have students record this data.
  3. When students have completed the data collection, ask what they learned about the deportees? Were the deportees recent immigrants? Predominantly German? Were they citizens? Available to be drafted? Did they have ties to the community?
  4. Were the charges made against the deportees true? Why?


        Analyzing Data: Demographic Data about Deportees

Sources to Consult

List of Deportees

1. Quoted in Samuel Morse, The Truth About Bisbee. Typescript account, publication unknown, 1929. Preface written by Jos. P. Hodgson, Manager, Phelps Dodge. (This Document is located under "Reports")