Teacher's Corner

Welcome to the Teacher's Corner of the Bisbee Deportation Web Exhibit.  This section has been developed to assist teachers from grades 6-12 teach about the Bisbee Deportation of 1917 and the related history of labor relations in the copper mining industry in the early twentieth century.  The class activities correlate with Arizona State Standards for social studies, and in particular fulfill the standard for Strand 1, American History, Concept 1, Research Skills for History, and Concept 7, Emergence of the Modern U.S., labor movement (e.g. Bisbee Deportation).

The Activities

The Bisbee Deportation of 1917 was an event specific to Arizona that influenced the labor movement throughout the United States. What started as a labor dispute between copper mining companies and their workers turned into vigilante action against the strikers.  The strikers were accused of being members of the radical Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.).

The Bisbee Deportation of 1917 Web site contains a variety of primary and secondary documents including reminiscences, government reports, newspaper articles, maps, excerpts from depositions and trials, I.W.W. publications, and journal articles about the deportation.  This Teacher's Corner provides classroom activities, student worksheets, and links to sources for student and teacher research.  Each section includes a variety of teaching choices which can be adapted for different grade levels from grades 6-12. Review the activities and select the teaching activity most appropriate for your class.

Activity 1: Background

1A.  Labor history
1B.  World War I and Russian Revolution

Activity 2: Bisbee Deportation

2A.  Timeline
2B.  Who's Who and What's What: Vocabulary
2C.  Video: Viewing the video
2D.  Video: Analyzing the video
2E.  Crossword Puzzle

Activity 3:  Analyzing data/Economics

3A.  Wages and groceries
3B.   Demographic Data of Deportees  

Activity 4:  Primary and Secondary Sources

4A.  Introduction to primary and secondary sources
4B.  Writing Exercise with primary sources

Activity 5:  Role Play

5A.  Class Newspaper
5B.  Writing Assignments

Activity 6:  Research Paper Topics

Activity 7: Photographs and Graphical Images

7A  Photographs in historical research
7B  Graphics in historical research

Developed by Ruth Dickstein August 2005