Activity 1A: Background- Labor History

Students will research major labor disputes that occurred in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Standard: Strand 1- American History

Grade 7

Concept 7: Emergence of the Modern U.S., Economic, social and cultural changes

PO 6 : Describe Progressive Reforms that resulted in the Industrial Revolution:

a. Labor Unions

Concept 1: Research Skills for History

PO 7: Analyze cause and effect relationships

PO 8: Describe two point of view for the same historical event

High School

Concept 7: Emergence of the Modern U.S.

PO 1: Analyze how the following aspects of industrialization transformed the American economy beginning in the late 19th century:

d. Labor movement (e.g., Bisbee Deportation)


  1. Have students write a summary of one labor conflict providing information about what happened - What did labor want? How did management respond? Were strikebreakers used and if so, how did the strikers react? What were the results of the strike?
  2. Have students share their strike with three or four other students.
  3. Students will list the commonalities and differences between their strikes.
  4. Create a class list of labor disputes and commonalties and differences.
  5. Keep the students' conclusions posted. 
  6. Revisit the list when the class has studies the events of the Bisbee deportation and compare Bisbee with the other strikes.


Bisbee Deportation Labor History

 Sources to Consult

Pullman Strike

Haymarket Riot
The Dramas of Haymarket
Jerome Deportation
Seattle General Strike

Haymarket Riot