Activity 2A: Timeline

Students will create a timeline of labor conflicts in Arizona and major national and international events occurring from 1915-1917.

Standard : Strand 1: American History

Grades 6-8

Concept 1: Research Skills for History

PO 3. Construct timelines of the historical era being studied.

Grade 7

Concept 7. Emergence of the Modern United States

PO 5 c. Analyze the impact of industrialization on the United States - Unions

High School

Concept 1: Research Skills for History

PO 4. Construct graphs, tables, timelines, charts, and narratives to interpret historical data. (High School)

Concept 7: Emergence of the Modern United States

PO 1: Analyze how the following aspects of industrialization transformed the American economy beginning in the late 19th century:

d. Labor movement (e.g., Bisbee Deportation)

Activity:   Class will create a timeline including:

a. Labor problems throughout Arizona from 1915-1917.
b. Major events U. S. and world history 1915-1917.

1.  Divide the class into groups – each group will gather data from the following sources:.

a. Bisbee Daily Review, June 27 and 28 1917
b. Bisbee Daily Review, July 1-12, 1917
c. Bisbee Daily Review, July 13, 1917
d. Prescott Journal Miner, October 1915
e. Prescott Journal Miner, June 1917
f. Prescott Journal Miner, July 11, 1917
g. Prescott Journal Miner, July 12, 1917
h. Jerome deportation (precursor to the Bisbee deportation)
i. Governor Campbell’s Recollections, p. 15-23
j. Governor Campbell’s Recollections, p.43-48
k. World War I chronology

2.  Teacher will draw a line representing 1915-1917 on the wall.  Students will add their events on cards or post-it notes.

3.  Students will share what they have posted.

4. The final timeline will reflect the research from each group.

Sources to Consult

True Copy of the Notes of Hon. Thomas E. Campbell

Jerome deportation (precursor to the Bisbee deportation)
PBS The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century, Timeline
Digital History