Desert Documentry

  About This Electronic Version:

Desert Documentary: The Spanish Years, 1767-1821 by Kieran McCarty was first published as Historical Monograph No. 4 by the Arizona Historical Society in 1976.

We are grateful to Kieran McCarty and to The Arizona Historical Society for permission to present this valuable and long out-of-print resource in electronic form.

The electronic version was prepared by Pedro Carrasquilla of the Library Information Systems Team at The University of Arizona Library in June 1998.

Enhancements to the electronic version:

  • The illustrations are placed in a central index, also as in the print version the illustrations and maps were interspersed with the text.
  • Page numbers appearing in the right margin throughout the electronic text correspond to the page number of the print version. The numbers appear at the bottom of each page.
  • The introductory statement for each chapter appears in a bolded reduced font size text to differentiate the commentary from the historical letters. In the print version the distinction was only made by reducing the font size for the introductions.
  • The index has been reformatted as a single column. Links from the index refer to page numbers in the print version and lead to the top of the first referenced page. An alphabet key at the top of the index provides shortcuts to the index entries.
  • Footnotes are numbered consecutively and placed on a separate page with reciprocal links to the text. (Click on the footnote number in the text to access the note; click on the note number in the footnote to return to the text.)
  • The Footnote reference on page 104 that refers to note 27 has been corrected.

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Technical Information:

  • The text of Desert Documentary was scanned into OmniPage Pro optical character recognition software using a Hewlett Packard ScanJet 4c, then exported to Microsoft Word for text editing. HTML markup was done in Netscape Communicator with additional corrections in a plain text editor.
  • The cover, maps and line drawings were scanned on a Hewlett Packard ScanJet 4c and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

Comments, editorial suggestions, and typographic errors may be reported to Special Collections.



Desert Documentary by Kieran McCarty
Tucson, Arizona: Arizona Historical Society, 1976.

© 1976 The Arizona Historical Society. All Rights Reserved.

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