11th Century

Reichenauer Evangelistar

Reichenauer Evangelistar . Akadem. Druck-u. Verlagsanst Graz 1972 Vollst. Fakas.-Ausg. des Codex 78 A 2 aus dem Kupferstichkabinett d. Staatl. Museen Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin.; 2 v. illus. 29 cm; [1] Kommentarband. Kodikologische und kunsthistorische Einführung von P. Bloch.--[2] Facsimile.; Includes bibliographical references.; Codices selecti phototypice impressi; v. 31, 31.2v. BX2005 .A5 G3 Special Collections 

The scriptorium of the monastery of Reichenau, situated on an island in the Lake Constance, epitomizes book decoration of the Ottonian period in Germany. The miniatures created there, especially those on the Life of Christ, demonstrate why the Abbey was regarded as the most important painting school of its day. The miniatures in this codex, inserted sometimes as full pages, sometimes as strips, are lavishly embellished with gold. After some introductory materials relating to the four evangelists, this evangeliary contains the Gospel readings for the liturgical year. The text is in Carolingian minuscule which permits us to consider it a transitional work reflecting traditions of the Carolingian school and the innovative book painting of the Ottonian. The dedication picture shows a crowned sovereign, in his left hand an orb with an eagle. A monk to his left hands him a book, probably this Lectionary.

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