12th Century

Millstätter Handschrift

Millstätter Genesis und Physiologus Handschrift.  Graz, Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt, 1967.  2v. 
PT1429.R4 M5 Special Collections

This is a facsimile of a well-known Carinthian manuscript in Middle High German. It is the earliest example of a richly illustrated codex in German. The most important texts included in the manuscript are Genesis, Exodus, Physiologus, Vom Rechte, and Die Hochzeit.  The illustrations are important to art history scholars for preserving a pictorial revision of Genesis which can be compared with the Cotton Genesis fragments in the British Museum, a mosaic cupola at St. Mark’s in Venice, and the Genesis frontispieces of the Carolingian Bibles created at Tours.  The illustrations are also studied in relation to Latin and Greek texts that gave rise to the 12th century bestiary manuscripts.  Some of the iconography recurs here. The codex dates from 1120-1150/60, coming from the South Bavarian region, esp. Carinthia.  The original is maintained by Kärntner Landesarchiv, Klagenfurt, Austria.                          

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