13th Century

Cantigas de Santa Maria Codex E

Cantigas de Santa Maria.  Madrid : Edilán, 1979. 2v.  
ML 3093 C6 1979b Special Collections Elephant Oversize


This is a fine art color facsimile of the Escorial MS, also known as the E codex. The Cantigas de Santa Maria (Songs to the Virgin Mary) are manuscripts written in Galician-Portuguese, with music notation, during the reign of Alfonso X El Sabio (1221-1284) and are one of the largest collections of monophonic (solo) songs from the middle ages.  Three codices (copies) of the Cantigas are preserved. They are known as the E Codex, the T Codex, and the Florencia manuscript. The E Codex - from El Escorial, and originally from the royal court of Seville, is in two volumes and is the largest collection of the Cantigas; it is richly illuminated in a Gothic hand, containing no less than 1262 carefully detailed miniatures, and has been dated to 1280-1283.  The original codex E is in the palace complex library  San Lorenzo de El Escorial, a town northwest of Madrid, Spain.   

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