13th Century

Brandenburger Evangelistar

Brandenburger Evangelistar. Düsseldorf, L. Schwann [1961]    
 ND3359.B74 G8 Special Collections

The Brandenburger Evangelistar ranks among the most precious treasures of the Brandenburger cathedral. The manuscript, written in the early 13th century, was probably manufactured in a Magdeburger monastery school. The book painters, who created this handwriting made colorful, full-page miniatures and many initials. The Evalgelistar was created for the Praemonstratenser Domstift in Brandenburg to the Havel, where it is still kept today. It is considered as one of the key works of north German book painting from the 13th century. The miniatures represent events from the life of Jesus from childhood history to the Ascension Day and Whitsuntide before eyes (7 weeks after Easter Monday). The Evangelistar meant as much to the Medieval Christian as excerpts from the gospels. It was used to the order the church yearly to service. The full-page miniatures and numerous initials underline the meaning attached to the book.

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