14th Century

The Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux

Die Stundenbuch der Jeanne d'Evreux = The hours of Jeanne d'Évreux = Le livre d'heures de Jeanne d'Evreux. Luzern : Faksimile Verlag ; New York : Metropolitan Museum of Art, c1998.
ND 3363 J4 S886 1998 Special Collections Vault

In 1322 Charles IV, great grandson of Louis IX was crowned king of France at the Cathedral of Reims.  He was to be the last of the Capetian kings.  Two years after assuming the throne, he took as his third bride Jeanne d’Evreux, his fifteen year old first cousin who was also a great granddaughter of Louis IX.  Charles died in 1328, but sometime during their short marriage, he presented his wife with this richly illustrated prayer book.  Highpoints of the manuscript are the Gothic frames that surround the miniatures; they reflect the splendid ornamentation of Gothic architecture of the era.  In her will, Jean d’Evreux left this prayer book to the reigning king, Charles V, who was a scholar and lover of books.  The entire history of the ownership cannot be reconstructed, but by the 19th century it had been acquired by the Rothschild family.  In 1954 Maurice de Rothschild sold it to its present owner, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  This facsimile is number 239 of 980 numbered copies.  

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