14th Century

Electorium Paravum

Electorium parvum seu Breviculum. Wiesbaden : Reichert, 1988. 2 v. 
B765 .L81 1988 Special Collections oversized

This is a compilation of the writings of Ramon Lullus (about 1232-1316) and includes twelve full-page miniatures representing the life and thought of this famous Catalan philosopher, theologian and poet.   Since 1807 the codex has belonged to the state library of Baden ("Breviculum").  The miniatures are examples of French book painting from the first third of the 14th century. The Breviculum represents some of the most interesting handwriting of the European Middle Ages. An unusual aspect of the work is that the text includes explanations of the miniatures in small "text boxes" similar to comic book banners. This is the first attempt to reproduce the full forty-four surviving folios of the Breviculum. It is a particularly beautiful facsimile since it includes gold leaf similar to that which adorn the paintings in the original manuscript. A separate commentary in German accompanies the facsimile volume.  

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