14th Century

Das Evangelistar aus St. Peter

Das Evangelistar aus St. Peter eine spätromanische Bilderhandschrift der Badischen Landesbibliothek Karlsruhe.  Basel, Feuermann-Verlag [1971]   
ND 3359 .P4 S35 1971 Special Collections Oversize

This is a study with facsimile pages of a Latin Romanesque manuscript now located at state library of Baden, Austria. The Romanesque period which dates from the year 1000 preceded the Gothic styles of illumination. Besides the twelve miniatures of Gospel figures, the text includes magnificent illuminated initials: I, C, P, M, M, R, S, V, I L, I, V.   
Romanesque manuscripts feature grotesques (a variety of real and imaginary creatures), textured or gold backgrounds, and historiated initials. These initials, found at the commencement of a chapter, combined the initial of the opening word with foliage, figures or pictures illustrating a portion of the text. It is often compared with the Reichenauer Evangelistar of the 11th century.

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