14th Century

Kaufmann Haggadah

Kaufmann Haggadah.  Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1957.   
BM 675 P4 Z525 1957 Special Collections

This represents one of the finest examples of the late 14th century illuminated Sephardi Haggadah. The Kaufmann Haggadah is composed of two parts: 14 full page miniatures, and a decorated text. The episodes depicted in the miniatures recapitulate the Exodus story beginning with the discovery of the infant Moses in the Nile and ending with Miriam's song by the Red Sea. Also included is a miniature of preparations for Passover. The text decorations are quite elaborate, and in addition to the conventional representations of the rabbis in Bene Brak, the four sons, matzah and bitter herbs, it includes biblical episodes already depicted in the full page miniatures. Scholars theorize that three artists collaborated on the illustrations. Unfortunately, the miniatures were rearranged at some point in the volume's transmission, and as a result they are out of order. The original is Ms 422 of the Kaufmann Collection in the Oriental Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest.

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