15th Century

The Ashkenazi haggadah

The Ashkenazi Haggadah.   London: Thames and Hudson, c1985.                                  
BM 675 P4 Z5233 1985b Special Collections Oversize

This is a mid-15th century manuscript now in the British Library. The original consists of 49 leaves of thick vellum.  It was written and illuminated by Joel Ben Simeon called Feibusch Ashkenazi.  A different artist, from southern Germany, added some illustrations after the Haggadah had left Joel ben Simeon.  The present day artifact includes a dark-brown leather binding dated to the 15th century.  This facsimile attempts to show the wine stains that bear witness to the use of this in the Passover celebration.   In 1997 another facsimile was reproduced and a copy of that is in the main library under the call number BM 675 P4 Z5233 1985 Main Oversize.

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