15th Century

Le Bréviaire de Philippe le Bon

Le Bréviaire de Philippe le Bon: bréviaire parisien du XVe siècle. Bibliothèque royale de Belgique. Manuscript. 9511.   Paris, Rousseau; New York, G. E. Stechert, 1929.
ND 3365 .P5 B7 1929 Special Collections Oversize

This is the Breviary (book of daily public or canonical prayers of the Roman Catholic Church) of Philippe le Bon, also known as Philip III, Duke of Burgundy. It seems to have been written and illuminated at or near Paris sometime around 1450. This breviary was made in two volumes: one for the winter and the other for the summer of the liturgical year. The calendar for the entire year is given in each of the two halves, and in each case follows a lay sequence; the calendar begins with January 1, not with Advent.  This early facsimile has 20 plates in fine color and 106 reproductions of miniatures in black & white.  The publication is really a study guide to the text and the miniatures rather than a true facsimile.  The paintings and miniatures in the original manuscript are generally ascribed to Guillaume Vreland and his atelier. Limited to 900 copies, this is copy no. 707.  The original manuscript is located at the National Library of Belgium, Brussels.


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