15th Century

Apocalipsis figurado de las duques de Saboya

Apocalipsis figurado de las duques de Saboya: Latin. Codex Vitrina 1. Madrid: Edilan, c1980.
ND 3361 .R52 V57 1980 Special Collections Oversize  

This is known as the Figurated Apocalypse of the Dukes of Savoy.  The Savoy Apocalypse was begun (1428-1434) by Jean Bapteur, who did the narrative pictures and Peronet Lamy, who decorated the borders.  Some fifty years later (1485-1490), the work was completed by Jean Colombe at the behest of Duke Charles I.  The manuscript was handed on by inheritance from one royal or noble house to another until in 1559 when it became the property of Philip II of Spain, who placed it in the Escorial in Madrid, Spain where it remains today.  The original manuscript consists of 49 sheets of vellum-parchment illuminated with 97 miniatures in French Gothic art, ornamented with complex margin borders and initial letters, full-coloured on gold leaves.  The Apocalypse (or biblical Revelation) dealing with the destruction of this world and the transcendence into the next, was a major genre in Medieval literature and a focus for many motifs used in Medieval art.  

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