15th Century

Le Mortifiement de vaine plaisance

Le mortifiement de vaine plaisance de René d'Anjou : étude du texte et des manuscrits à peintures. Bruxelles : ch. Weckesser, 1926.                                  
ND3399.R4 L3 1926b Special Collections

The Mortification of Vain Pleasure ( Le Mortifiement de Vaine Plaisance ), is a dialogue carried on by the allegorical figures: Fear of God ( Crainte de dieu ), Love of God (Souverain Amour ), Remorse ( Contrition ), Faith (Ferme-Foy), and Grace of God (Grace Divine), regarding the love of God as being the way to purge the soul of all earthly folly.  Rene d'Anjou was the man who inspired his friends, Cosimo de Medici and the ruling Sforza family of Milan, to collect manuscripts from throughout the world and create the first library of Europe open to the people. The Library of San Marco made available, for the first time, the thinking and ideas that had been suppressed for centuries. It was one of the ways society opened into the renaissance and moved out of the dark ages.

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