15th Century

The Rohan Master

The Rohan Master: A book of hours: Bibliotheque nationale, Paris (M.S. Latin 9471).  New York: G. Braziller, 1973.
ND3363.R6 R6313 1973 Special Collections

This is a study book with English translation of the prayers in Les Heures de Rohan. It does offer color reproductions of the illuminations in MS. Lat. 9471 now in the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Paris.  The original 15th century manuscript dates from about 1410-1440.  Look for the arms of the Rohan Family (gules with seven gold macles) on several of the pages.  Some think the manuscript may have been commissioned in 1431 to celebrate the marriage of Charles of Anjou, comte du Maine, to a daughter of Alain IX de Rohan, but the marriage never took place. Others suggest that Queen Yolande of Aragon commissioned this Book of Hours for her daughter.  The art seems to bridge Gothic and Renaissance styles.  The artist used gestures, facial expressions, and accessories from hair to drapery, to powerfully illustrate the prayers to which the paintings give shape. The original manuscript was likely the product of a workshop, with several different artists decorating different parts, but the most important images have been attributed to a painter simply known today as The Rohan Master.


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