9th & 10th Centuries

Sakramentar von Metz

Sakramentar von Metz. Fragment. Ms. Lat. 1141, Bibliothèque nationale, Paris . Vollst. Faks.-Ausg; Akadem. Druck- u. Verlaganst.Graz 19722 v.(in case) 31 cm; Contains an introd. (33 p.) by F. Mèutherich and facsims. (10 ¾.) of the ms.; Bibliography: p.31-33; Codices selecti phototypice impressi; v. 28. BX2037 .A3 M4736 1972 Special Coll. This fragment is a jewel due to its rich ornamental and miniature decoration, a testimony to Late Carolingian illustration of the 9 th century. While the codex is a complete sacramentary which integrates the whole ecclesiastical year, it may be just the beginning of a manuscript that was never finished. It was made in the second half of the 9th century for a king, probably for Charles the Bald, king of an area then called Francia Occidentalis. The script is mainly executed in golden letters, and at the beginning the miniatures depict a portrait of Charles the Bald's coronation. The ornamental art around the text is particularly striking. The Sacramentary of Metz resides in the Bibliotheque Nationale de France . 
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