9th & 10th Centuries

In Apocalipsis

In Apocalipsis (edicion facsimil del Codice de Gerona) Madrid: Edilán, c1975. BS2825 .B37 1975 Sp Coll oversize

This two-volume manuscript facsímile represents a manuscript of Visigothic art. Volume One is the "Comentarios al Apocalipsis de San Juan" (comments on the Apocalypse of Saint John) by Beatus of Liébana dated 975. The original is kept at Gerona's Cathedral and contains 131 miniatures with over 1,200 motifs of Visigothic-Preromanic art. Vol.2 contains H.A. Sanders' 1930 transcription of the Latin text, and commentaries on Beatus' work by J. Camón Aznar, T. Marín Martínez and J. Marqués Casanovas. In 776 Beatus, a staunchly orthodox monk from the monastery of San Martín de Turieno in Liébana in northern Spain, assembled a commentary on the Book of Revelation, also known as the Apocalypse. Lavishly illustrated and known today as the Beatus manuscripts, the copies of this text made by medieval scribes and illuminators hold a singular place in the history of medieval illumination. Ranging in date from around 885 to around 1240, the surviving Beatus manuscripts and fragments comprise over fifteen hundred individual illuminations.   

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