9th & 10th Centuries

The Morgan Beatus manuscript

The Morgan Beatus manuscript New York: G. Braziller in association with the Pierpont Morgan Library, 1991. ND3361 .R52 B436 1991 Special Coll Oversize 

This facsimile consists of reproductions of all of the illuminations in the Maius Beatus Manuscript (M. 644) in the collection of the Pierpont Morgan Library. The Morgan 644 manuscript was apparently produced for the monastery of San Miguel de Escalada, presumably by Maius, (or Magius), fl.926-968. It is not known that it was produced at that monastery, but it found its home there. The illuminations created by Maius and his assistant reflect a stylistic and cultural revolution taking place in the newly reclaimed territories of the Iberian peninsula. Many of the miniatures are unique, not only to Spain but also to M.644. Of note are its brilliantly painted portraits of the Evangelists. Some scholars believe the Morgan Beatus must have been complete before 945. Others date it at ca. 950. 

Ashburnham-Morgan Beatus [Torino?]: Scriptorium, [2000] 3v. BS 2825 A2 B369 2000 Spec Coll Oversize 

This is the UA Library's most recent acquisition of a facsimile of the Morgan Beatus (M.644) of the original now held in the Pierpont Morgan Library. There are two codices which are the alpha and omega of Beatus manuscripts in the Morgan Library. The other (M. 429) dates from 1220 which is at the end of the Beatus tradition. In the world there are preserved some thirty manuscripts of Beatus‘s Commentary on the Apocalypse . This one is one of the most splendidly produced manuscripts of the Middle Ages. 

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