About this web exhibit

The late Middle Ages portion of this exhibit (12th through 15th centuries) was constructed as an internship at Special Collections under the supervision of Associate Librarian Bonnie Travers by Michelle Ganz, a MILS graduate student with the School of Information Resources and Library Sciences.

All the photos were taken and edited by Michelle Ganz. The text was written by Michelle Ganz and Bonnie Travers. Please note that some of the textual information was gathered from outside sources; main sources used include Finn’s Fine Books available at:  http://www.finns-books.com/ and The J. Paul Getty Trust available at: http://www.getty.edu/.

I would like to thank Bonnie Travers for giving me the opportunity to create this exhibit as well as the guidance needed to make it all come together. I would also like to thank Michele Saunders, from DLIST, for helping me design the website and Adam Engelsgjerd, from DLIST, for creating the website templates. Special thanks to all the librarians and student employees at Special Collections for their help in locating all the facsimiles.

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For more information about the exhibit, contact Special Collections by phone at (520) 621-6423. You may also contact staff at Special Collections by mail at: The University of Arizona Library, Special Collections, P.O. Box 210055, Tucson, Arizona, 85721-0055, e-mail AskSpecialCollections, or fax (520) 621-2709. We welcome any suggestions, comments and other feedback. We are located at 1510 East University, Tucson, Arizona, 85721-0055 U.S.A. 

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