Pre-9th Century

Codex Purpureus Rossanensis

Codex purpureus Rossanensis. Salerno Editrice; Akademische Druck- u. VerlagsanstaltRoma; Graz, Austria, 1985. Bible.; Title from colophon.; Facsimile reprint. Original 6th century manuscript held in the Museo dell'Arcivescovada, Rossano, Italy.; Limited edition of 750. Includes added contents page, in Greek and Latin, dated 1831.; mm.; Codices mirabiles; v.1.; Codices selecti phototypice impressi; v.81, 81. BS64 .R5 500z Special Coll 

Codex Purpureus is one of the oldest illustrated manuscripts in the world. Its outer appearance exhibits sheer royalty and its purple colored parchment made the manuscript famous. Its 15 miniature pages present an invaluable way to study Byzantine art in the 6th century. Of particular interest is it portrait of Saint Mark, which constitutes the oldest representation of an Evangelist in the history of illumination. The work encompasses a complete Gospel of Saint Matthew and a nearly complete Gospel of Saint Mark. The original, a Greek parchment manuscript written in silver and golden majuscules throughout, was discovered in 1879 in the cathedral at Rosano in Southern Italy. It is thought that at least half of its original pages have been lost over the ages. 

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