Jesse Addison Udall, 1893-1980

Papers,  ca. 1882-1981

2 manuscript boxes (.75 linear feet)

Acquisition: Gift, 1994
Access:  Open for research
Processed by: Peter Steere, Penny Whitten, May 1994
Local Catalog ID: MS 311

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Biographical Sketch

Jesse Addison Udall, 1893-1980

   Jesse Addison Udall was born on June 24, 1893 near Eagar, Arizona.  He was known during his lifetime a dedicated public servant.  Arizona's Governor Jack Williams proclaimed Sunday, March 26, 1976 as "Justice Jesse A. Udall Day," in honor of the man who contributed to the State, its quality and way of life.  Jesse's youth was spent mainly in the areas around St. Johns and Thatcher, Arizona, where he graduated from High School at Gila Academy.  In May 1924, Jesse graduated from the University of Arizona Law School.  Shortly thereafter he was elected to the Office of County Attorney in Graham County, Arizona. Jesse established his first law practice in Safford, Arizona in 1927.
   Jesse served as a member of Arizona's Legislature (1931-1938); as Judge of the Superior Court of Graham County, Arizona (1939-1942, 1953-1958); and as a Justice and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Arizona (1960-1972).  He was an officer in the United States and Arizona National Guards; a veteran of both World Wars; and a Bishop, President, and Missionary President for the Mormon Church.
   One of Jesse's accomplishments as a member of Arizona's Legislature was to pass a law to establish new Junior College Districts in Arizona.  As a freshman Superior Court Judge in Graham County, Jesse was selected to try an important case between the Roosevelt Irrigation District and the Salt River Project.  As Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Arizona, Jesse presides at the 1964 impeachment trial of two of Arizona's Corporation Commissioners: A.P. (Jack) Buzard and E.T. (Eddie) Williams Jr.
    Jesse Udall retired from his position as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Arizona in January 1972.  On April 18, 1980, Jesse passes away at St. Joesphs Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.
    The purpose of this WWW exhibit is to present a selection of papers and photographs from the Jesse Addison Udall Manuscript Collection (MS 311), held by the University of Arizona Library, Special Collections Department.  The materials provide an introduction to Jesse Udall's private and public interests.

Scope and Contents

   The Jesse Addison Udall Collection, ca. 1882-1981 (bulk 1935-1978), consists mainly of papers relating to Udall's military and legal careers, particularly during his tenure on the Arizona Supreme Court (1960-1972). Included in these papers are correspondence, speeches, clippings, election results, certificates, awards, miscellaneous military records and directives, personal and family photographs.
   This small collection is organized into two subgroups, Personal and Family Papers, and Professional Papers. The Personal and Family Papers subgroup includes biographical summaries; clippings documenting honors; personal and family achievements; a few miscellaneous church related items; retirement records and correspondence; certificates and awards from various civic organizations; and correspondence and clippings pertaining to son Addison Udall's World War II experiences.
   The Professional Papers subgroup relates to Udall's military and legal careers, and contains primarily correspondence, clippings, and speeches.  Other miscellaneous documents include military orders, certificates, Arizona election results from 1960-1970, a list of opinions authored by Jesse Udall, and documents pertaining to the operation of the Arizona National Guard Unit in Safford, Arizona, between 1930-1940.
   Most of the material in this subgroup covers either the span of Jesse Udall's National Guard and subsequent Army involvement (1930-1945), or his tenure on the Arizona State Supreme Court (1960-1972). There is little relating to his legal career prior to 1960. Other events falling within the scope of this subgroup are his service on the Arizona Interstate Stream Commission and a post-retirement effort to persuade some United States Congressmen of the merits of purchasing a corridor through Mexico from Arizona to the Gulf of California. This collection contains none of the correspondence or papers generated by Jesse Udall in his capacity as lawyer and judge.
   This collection has been organized into the following subgroups with folders arranged chronologically as follows:

Personal and Family Papers, ca. 1882-1981 (Box 1)

 Professional Papers, 1918-1979 (Box 2)


Folder List

Box         Folder       Description

Personal and Family Papers, ca. 1882-1981

Box        Folder        Description

1            1                Biographical information, 1893-1981
                                Contains summaries of Jesse Udall's life in newspaper clippings and
                                some apparently prepared by himself.  Also contains bibliographic

                2              Clippings, 1942-1979 and undated
                                Contains clippings, the bulk from 1960 and later relating to
                                Jesse Udall's awards and speeches. Activities of his wife Lela and
                                son David, as well as members of his extended family, are also

                3             Addison Udall: letters and clippings, 1945
                               Contains two letters from son Addison while stationed in San Francisco,
                                plus clippings about the war effort in the Pacific.

                4              Retirement, 1972-1976
                                Contains Jesse Udall's letter of resignation from the Arizona Supreme
                                Court, his request for retirement benefits, and letters of appreciation and
                                support from friends and associates, most written in early 1972.

                5              Miscellaneous church materials, 1926-1970
                                Contains a membership certificate, a dedicatory service program to the
                                Thatcher Ward Chapel, two clippings on his California Mission
                                Presidency, and a program and clipping relating to a Master M Man
                                youth service award given to Jesse by the Latter-Day Saints Church for
                                outstanding service to the youth of the church  .

                6              Awards and Certificates, 1940-1975 and undated
                                Contains awards and certificates from various organizations including
                                the Selective Service, Kiwanis, Boy Scouts, American Judicature
                                Society, and Rotary Club.

                7              Photographs, ca. 1882-1975
                                Contains one color and twenty-three black and white photographs.
                                The earliest photograph of Jesse Udall is from 1912. Included are school
                                and family photographs and individual portraits.

Professional Papers, ca. 1918-1979

Box        Folder        Description

2            1                Correspondence, 1938-1978
                                Mostly incoming correspondence during his tenure on the Arizona
                                Supreme Court,  consisting primarily of congratulatory messages for
                                his initial appointment, elections, and attainment of Chief Justice in
                                1964. Other correspondence includes invitations, thank you notes for
                                various public service and personal engagements, and a few letters
                                relating to church activities.

                2              Materials related to legal service as District and Arizona
                                Supreme Court Judge, 1924-1972
                                Contains certificates (including certificates of nomination), commissions,
                                notice of appointment, and oaths of office. Other items include official
                                election results, miscellaneous campaign materials, and a list of opinions
                                authored by Justice Jesse Udall.

                3-4           Speeches, 1940-1971
                                Contains typewritten and handwritten texts and notes for speeches and
                                talks given by Jesse Udall at holiday gatherings, dedications, church
                                services, club and association meetings, mostly in the 1960s.  Also contains
                                background materials of newspaper clippings about famous people and
                                historic events, texts of other people's talks, and information or inspirational
                                materials taken from other sources.

                5              Clippings, ca. 1930-1972
                                Clippings documenting Jesse Udall's legal career, all but one from the period
                                of his tenure on the Arizona Supreme Court. Includes a number of clippings
                                from the 1964 impeachment trial of Corporation Commissioners A.P. (Jack)
                                Buzard and E.T. (Eddie) Williams Jr..

                6              Arizona National Guard: Safford, 1930-1940
                                Consists mostly of copies of Bulletins, Memorandums, General Orders, and
                                Special Orders sent to the Safford National Guard by the State Adjutant
                                General.  The majority of the materials date to 1940.

                7              Miscellaneous Military Service Records and Correspondence, 1918-1945
                             Contains miscellaneous papers including an induction order for
                                World War I, clothing orders, a physical exam record, request for a change
                                of status, notification of promotion, and orders to proceed. All but the
                                induction order are from the period 1935-1945.

                8              Arizona Interstate Stream Commission, 1948-1953
                                Contains Notices of Appointment, accompanying correspondence,
                                acceptance of Jesse Udall's resignation from the Commission, a letter of
                                appreciation, and two newspaper clippings.

                9              Mexico Project, 1977-1978
                                Contains background materials, two road maps, correspondence, and a
                                written proposal relating to Jesse Udall's idea that the United States
                                purchase a corridor through Mexico from Arizona to the Gulf of California.

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Personal Name

Udall, Jesse Addison, 1893-1980 -- Archives
Udall, Lela Lee, 1895-1976
Udall Family -- Archives

Corporate Name

Arizona. Supreme Court
Arizona. National Guard



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