Jesse A. Udall

Images From His Life and Career

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Family and Personal  Life


Jesse's father
David King Udall,

Jesse's mother
Ida Frances Hunt Udall

Jesse as a young boy
with his mother,
brothers and sister,

Jesse with Arizona
Governor George W.P. Hunt
in Holbrook, Arizona, 1916.
Family portrait, 1947.

Jesse as an officer in
the Arizona National Guard,
Safford, Arizona, 1938.

Jesse with his wife
Lela Udall,
Washington, D.C.,

Family portrait taken on
Lela Udall's 80th birthday,
January 19, 1975.

Udall family judges in Arizona,
(Standing L-R)
Nicholas, Jesse A., Donald
(Seated) Levi S.

Jesse presenting a speech at the
Annual Meeting for the
Arizona Historical Society,
Tucson, Arizona, 1972.

Life As A Student

Jesse as a cast member for a play
at St John's Academy called
"The Mikado," 1912.

Jesse playing the clarinet during
a play at Gila Academy, 1912.

Jesse (L) standing with
Don Pace (R), son of the family
Jesse stayed with while attending
Gila Academy, 1913-1914.

Jesse as a member of the
Gila Academy Choir,
Thatcher, Arizona, 1914.

Legislative and Judicial Career


Jesse as a member of the
Arizona House of Representatives,
Tenth Legislature, 1933.

The Tenth Legislature,
Arizona House of Representatives

Jesse as a Supreme Court Justice, 1960s.

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