Levi Stewart Udall, 1891-1960

Papers, ca. 1842-1974

5 manuscript boxes (2.50 linear feet)

Acquisition: Gift, 1965
Access: Open for research
Processed by: Roger Myers, 1990
Local Catalog ID: MS 293

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Biographical Sketch

Levi Stewart Udall, 1891-1960

Levi Stewart Udall was born January 20, 1891 at St. Johns, Arizona.  He is the brother of past Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court, Jesse A.Udall.   Levi attended public school in St. Johns, completed his secondary education at Gila Academy in Thatcher (1910-1911), and briefly attended the University of Arizona in Tucson.  In 1914, he married Louise Lee of Thatcher. They are the parents of Inez, Elma, Stewart, Morris, Eloise, and Burr Udall.
For twenty-eight years, Levi served in the Apache County Courthouse in various public service positions including: Clerk for the County Board of Supervisors (1915-1918); Clerk of the Superior Court (1919-1922);  in 1922 he was admitted to the Arizona State Bar; County Attorney for two terms (1923-24 and 1927-28); and Judge of the Superior Court (1931-1946).  In January 1947, Levi was elected to the office of Judge of the Supreme Court of Arizona, a position he held until his death on May 30,1960 in Wickenburg, Arizona.
A member of many civic associations, Levi was awarded both the Medallion of Merit (1959) and an honorary Doctor of Laws (1960) by the University of Arizona. From 1915-1920, he held the position of Ward president for the Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association (1915-1920), a Mormon organization, and was ordained into the priesthood by his father, David K. Udall in 1920.  He served as president of the St. Johns Stake (1922-1945), and later was appointed as Patriarch for the Phoenix North Stake. The purpose of this WWW exhibit is to present a selection of papers from the Levi Stewart Udall Manuscript Collection  (MS 293), held by the University of Arizona Library, Special Collections Department.  The materials provide an introduction to Levi Udall's private and public interests.

Scope and Contents

    The papers in the Levi S. Udall Collection, ca. 1842-1974 (bulk 1910-1960), are organized into the following series: Personal, Correspondence, Reminiscences, Activity, Ledgers, Speeches, and Miscellaneous Printed Materials.  This collection documents the Udall family; their settlement in Arizona; the influence of the church in their lives; the editing and publishing of David K. Udall's memoirs titled Arizona Pioneer Mormon; and many of the civic and religious speeches given by Levi Udall.
   This collection does not document Levi Udall's official tenure as a leader in Mormon organizations, and his career as a lawyer and judge in St. Johns and Phoenix, Arizona.  There is little information about his youth on the family farm, his stewardship as a farmer, life as a father of six children, and correspondence between Udall family members.

Folder List

Box              Folder            Description

Personal Files, 1842-1974; Correspondence, 1909-1960
Box              Folder            Description

1                  1-3                 Personal files: Biographical, 1915-1960.
                                           Includes lists of court cases; highlights of Levi Udall's career; biographical
                                           information on Levi and Louise Udall; typescript story by Louise Lee Udall
                                           titled "The Barren Desert Is A Fruitfield: An account of the exploration and
                                           early settlement of Northern Arizona;" programs; memo on Levi Udall's
                                           heart attack.

1                   4                     Personal files: Certificates and diplomas, 1904-1959.
                                            Includes a patriarchs certificate of ordination; various club, association, and
                                            society certificates of membership and appreciation to Levi Udall;

1                   5                     Personal files: Memorial booklets and audio tapes, 1959-1974.
                                            Two audio tapes with a tribute to Levi Udall titled "This is your life;"  four
                                            audio tapes of the funeral services for Levi and Louise Lee Udall; two
                                            booklets recalling the lives of Levi and Louise Lee Udall; a remembrance
                                            of Louise Udall's life written by her sister Edna Lee Brimhall titled "What I
                                            Can Remember of Louise Udall As We Grew Up."

1                   6-7                  Correspondence: Udall family, 1918-1960.
                                             Mainly letters from the Udall family to Levi Udall during the 1950's and to
                                             which he stapled copies of his outgoing replies.

1                   8                     Correspondence: David K. and Eliza Luella Udall, 1923-1937.
                                             Letters from David K. and Eliza Luella Udall to Levi Udall.

1                    9                    Correspondence: Pearl Udall, Joseph, and Joseph S. Nelson, 1909-1957.
                                             Letters from Pearl Udall, Joseph, and Joseph S. Nelson to Levi Udall.

1                   10-15              Correspondence: General, 1921-1959.
                                             Includes correspondence pertaining to Levi Udall's professional, religious,
                                             and civic interests; letters from lawyers, law professors, and judges
                                             discussing court cases; invitations to speak at various engagements and
                                             fundraisers; congratulatory notes; letters of appreciation; Mormon church
                                             issues in Arizona.

 Index To Family Correspondence

      Index To General Correspondence

Ross, Harry D., 1933-34, 1940, 1944-45


Correspondence, 1960-1962; Reminiscences, 1903-1956; Activity Files, 1937-1962
Box              Folder              Description

2                  1                      Correspondence: General, 1960-1962.
                                             Includes correspondence to Levi on appointments to commissions,
                                             agencies, organizations; requests for references and information; personal
                                             and family issues; congratulations; honors; thank you notes.

2                   2                      Reminiscences: Mormon Women's Relief Society, 1903.
                                             Typescript stories on the history of a Mormon Women's Relief Society by
                                             Ella Udall.

2                   3                      Reminiscences: Apache County Court House, 1918.
                                             A brief history by Levi Udall on the construction of the Apache County
                                             Court House.

2                   4                       Reminiscences: Pearl Udall Nelson, 1931-1933.
                                              Includes memories by Pearl Udall Nelson on her families stay in Hunt and
                                              St. Johns, Arizona in the early 1900s, early Mormon history in Arizona and
                                              and her research notes on Don Lorenzo Hubbell and Arizona history; a
                                              history paper by Pearl titled "Historical Data on the Establishing of High
                                              Schools in Arizona and On Irrigation in Arizona," taken from "Mormon
                                              Settlement in Arizona," by McClintock.

2                   5                       Reminiscences: Pleasant Valley War, 1937.
                                              A typescript copy of recollections by Osmer D. Flake concerning the
                                              Pleasant Valley War of the mid 1880s.

2                   6                       Reminiscences: Orland K. Hamblin's war experiences, 1956.
                                              A typescript copy of Orland K. Hamblin's "My Experiences in the Service
                                              and as a Prisoner of War of the Japs."  The story of Hamblin's service in
                                              the United States Army from 1941-1945,  his narration of the Japanese
                                               invasion of the Philippine Islands, the "death march" to Bataan, his life as a
                                               prisoner of war from 1942-1945, and his liberation and return to the
                                               United States.

2                   7                        Activity files: Condolences, 1937-1938.
                                               Correspondences of condolence on the deaths of David K. and
                                               Ella Udall.

2                   8-9                     Activity files: Correspondence: David K. and Ella Udall estates,
                                               Correspondence relating to the settlement of the estates of David K. and
                                                Ella Udall; a program and speeches for the funeral service of
                                                David K. Udall; the will of Joseph Udall.

2                   10                       Activity files: Arizona vs. Southern Pacific Railroad, 1940-1945.
                                                Case file for one of Levi Udall's most noted trials.

2                    11                      Activity files: Boy Scouts in Arizona, 1943-1960.
                                                Information on Levi Udall's years and activities as a leader of the
                                                Boy Scouts in Arizona.

2                    12-14                Activity files: Judgeship Election Campaigns: 1946, 1952, 1958.
                                                Materials relating to Levi Udall's election campaigns for the judgeship of
                                                the Arizona Supreme Court.

2                    15                      Activity files: Arizona Supreme Court, 1950s.
                                                Reports, analysis, suggestions, and commentaries on and about the
                                                Arizona Supreme Court.

Activity Files, 1956-1962; Ledgers, 1932-1959; Speeches, 1939-1958
Box                Folder                Description

3                    1-4                     Activity files: Arizona Pioneer Mormon, 1936, 1956-1960.
                                                 information relating to the publication, distribution, and reviews of
                                                 "Arizona Pioneer Mormon; notes; pedigree chart; correspondence;
                                                 book reviews.

3                     5                        Activity files: Doctor of Laws, 1959-1960.
                                                 Levi Udall's Doctor of Laws honorary degree from the
                                                 University of Arizona; correspondence.

3                     6                        Activity files: Levi Udall estate, 1961-1962.
                                                 Levi Udall estate papers; widows benefits information.

3                     7-8                     Ledgers: Personal, Family, Farm, Business Accounts, 1932-1959.
                                                 Two ledger volumes detailing account information for Levi Udall's
                                                  farming, title service, and real estate ventures, election campaign
                                                  of 1946; the settlement of David K. Udall's estate; miscellaneous family
                                                  loans. Indexes to the ledgers are found inside their front covers.

3                     9                        Speeches, 1939.
                                                 Dedicatory remarks by Harry D. Ross for the Arizona Supreme Court

3                     10                      Speeches, 1948.
                                                 Speech by C.G. Salsbury, M.D., titled "The Navajo Problem,"
                                                 presented at the Arizona State Conference on Social Work.

3                     11-14                Speeches: General, 1920-1958.
                                                 Levi Udall speeches given at holiday celebrations, church gatherings,
                                                 conventions, conferences.

Speeches, 1929-1960
Box                 Folder                 Description

4                      1                        Speeches: General, 1959-1960.
                                                  Levi Udall's speeches given at luncheons, church events, clubs,

4                       2                       Speeches: Miscellaneous, not dated.
                                                  Miscellaneous fragments and background materials from speeches
                                                  made by Levi Udall.

4                       3                       Speeches: Christmas, 1945-1959.

4                       4                       Speeches: Easter, 1936-1954.

4                       5-7                   Speeches: Funerals, 1940-1960.

4                        8                      Speeches: Graduations, 1929-1960.

Speeches, 1920-1960; Miscellaneous Printed Materials, 1918-1969
Box                   Folder               Description

5                        1                       Speeches: Graduations, not dated.
                                                   Miscellaneous fragments, research, and background materials from
                                                   speeches made by Levi Udall to graduation classes.

5                        2-5                   Speeches: Latter-Day Saints, 1920-1960.
                                                   Latter-Day Saints speeches by Levi Udall; research materials.

5                        6                       Miscellaneous Printed Materials: Clippings, 1950s.

5                        7                       Miscellaneous Printed Materials: Poems, 1930s-1940s.

 5                       8                       Miscellaneous Printed Materials, 1918-1969.
Includes: a court case final decree; trial jurors handbook; newspapers,
                                                   map, list of Levi Udall court cases.

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