Miss Estelle Lutrell: an exhibit about UA Library History


The original 2004 exhibit was the result of two years of intensive research and investigation into the life and work of Estelle Lutrell by Dr. Carl Berkhout, Professor of English at the University of Arizona. All information provided in this online exhibit was taken from Dr. Berkhout's notes and caption cards used in the original Fall 2004 Exhibit. Dr. Berkhout's primary source of information was the collection of the writings of Estelle Lutrell in Special Collections at the University of Arizona Library, supplemented by consultation and correspondence with other resources primarily outside of the University of Arizona.

The majority of photographs, the 1923 Bisbee High School Library Survey sheet, and the 1940 Friends of the UA Library Letter are from the archives of Special Collections in the University of Arizona Library, and are the property of the University of Arizona Libraries.

The 1891 photo of Old Main: This image is located in Special Collections, University of Arizona Library Photograph File.

The photograph of the Phi Kappa Phi members was originally featured in the 1947 University of Arizona Desert yearbook and is the property of the University of Arizona.

The Reg Manning cartoon of Estelle's Grand Canyon tour was originally published in the June 15, 1930 issue of the Arizona Republican and reprinted in the July 1930 issue of Library Journal, which was Dr. Berkhout's resource for the copy used in the original exhibit. The cartoon is the property of the Manning Family estate.

The photograph of the 1888 graduating class at Christian University was provided by Dr. Carl Berkhout.

The photograph of the University of Chicago Library is from the pictorial book The University of Chicago, published by the University of Chicago Press, 1908, p.23.

Illustration of Marshall Fields' Department Store is from a postcard image, courtesy of Mark Moore