Azcatitlan, p. 26. Azcatitlan, p. 27.

Codex Azcatitlan, pp. 26-27.
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This section begins the dynastic chronicle of the Aztecs, with these pages depicting Azcapotzalco and its two colonies, Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco, from 1376 till the death of Tezozomoc in 1427.

To the far right is Tezozomoc, with his rock glyph in the form of a face, and in front of him is his son, Cuacuauhpitzahuac with his symbol of a branch. To his left is the town Ocelopan Tlatelolco with the tiger on top of a mount. Below them is the construction of a public building, the pyramid of Tlatelolco. There is a ruler on the left. Behind him a nopal plant on a rock depicts Tenochtitlan, and above it is the depiction of reeds or arrows that gives his name, Acamapichtli.

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