Bodley, pp. 9-10.

Codex Bodley, pp. 9-10.

Bottom band, left to right, p. 9.: The story of 8 Deer starts here in the year 3 Flint (A.D. 1028). He was 17 when he left one cave for another. Then he visits the lords of the place called Mountain of the Mouth.

Bottom band, p. 10.: Then, 8 Deer goes to a cave where the temple 4 Flower can be found. Next, he goes to a place where 1 Death is god. In the year 4 House (A.D. 1029), he is 18, when he arrives at a town called Hill of the Mask and River.

Next band, right to left, p. 10.: 8 Deer plays ball with 1 Movement, after which they fight either as enemies or as allies at the town called River of the Precious Stone.

Continuing on p. 9.: At age 20, in the year 6 Reed (A.D. 1031), 8 Deer conquers a town and presents a heart as an offering to a goddess 9 Grass, whom all Mixtec rulers respected.

The full commentary is on pp. 38-40 of the companion volume, Alfonso Caso, Interpretation of the Codex Bodley 2858 (Mexico City, 1960).

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