Bodley, p. 34.

Codex Bodley, p. 34, detail.

This image contains the marriage of 6 Monkey (seated on the left, top center) and 11 Wind in the year 11 Deer (A.D. 1038) (See page 7 of Codex Selden for its rendering of the marriage.) Lady 6 Monkey, as generally all women in this manuscript, wears the overblouse or huipil, which is pictured in profile. Women also appear with hair braided with colored ribbons. When they are seated, women often sit on a low stool. Below the couple we see their firstborn son 4 Wind, born in the year 2 Flint, day 4 Wind (A.D. 1040).

Alfonso Caso, Interpretation of the Codex Bodley 2858 (Mexico City, 1960), pp. 14, 81-82.

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