Egerton, p. 2.

Codex Egerton 2895, p. 2.

The first painted page of the manuscript contains "a symbolic scene of the Mountain which is the place of the Ocelot. Above, on a frame edged by the knives of sacrifice, a small human figure leaps upwards. But perched on the frame is the sun eagle. . . . The figure is accompanied by dates of which only one is fully visible and two are much damaged, a fourth one is hypothetical. The three remaining dates which can still be deciphered are of years Acatl, Calli, and Tecpatl, each accompanied by the numerical 13., and also by a day sign. It is probable that the year 13 Tecpatl = 960. A.D."

C.A. Burland, "Introduction," Codex Egerton 2895 (Graz, 1965), p. 20.

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