Mendoza, p. 67r.

Codex Mendoza, p. 67r.

"'Tequihas are spies sent by the lord of Mexico-Tenochtitlan to the [enemy] cacique's city so that they can traverse it and secretly visit it, unknown to the adversary. In this way the tequihuas traverse the entire city, houses, mosque [temple] and market when people are asleep and quiet.' In the middle, a Mexican official (behind whom are depicted a shield and arrows) receives the representatives of a people he was preparing to crush in battle. Underneath are shown great captains of the Mexican army. Left to right: Tlacatécatl, Tlacochcálcatl, Huiznáhuatl, Ticocyhuácatl."

S. Gruzinski, Painting the Conquest (Paris, 1992), p. 125.

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