Matrícula de Tributos, p. 3r.

Matrícula de Tributos, p. 3.

At the bottom, where the list starts, are the names of the towns in the tributary province of Acolman. The list of towns continues on the right margin. The next set of goods usually include clothes.

The list is as follows:

  • 400 red, bordered mantas
  • 400 diagonally-divided mantas
  • 400 quilted mantas
  • 800 white mantas
  • 400 women's tunics
  • 400 loin cloths
  • 1200 white mantas

The next set of items are warrior costumes and weapons. The last item in the top left corner is a bin of maize and beans. The inscription above the set is as follows: "The people of Acolman gave all these arms annually as tribute."

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