Zouche-Nuttall, p. 83.

Codex Zouche-Nuttall, p. 83.

In the lower right corner, below the Spanish inscription, the year is 11 House, the day is 12 Monkey (A.D. 1049). The hero, 8 Deer, conquers a place. The arrow in the side of the hill represents conquest. In the top left corner, 8 Deer is making prisoner the young 4 Wind, prince of that place. He also captures the older brothers, 10 Dog and 6 House. The next year, in the year 12 Rabbit (A.D. 1060), on the day 6 Serpent, the lord 8 Deer and another man, 9 Flower, engages in a gladiator fight with the prince's older brother, 10 Dog (top left center), and with another man disguised as death (bottom left). While fighting, 8 Deer is disguised as a red jaguar, and 9 Flower as a yellow jaguar (top left).

Interpretation adapted from Alfonso Caso, ctd. in The Codex Nuttall...(New York: Dover, 1975).

Continued on p. 84.

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