Selden, p. 7.

Codex Selden, p. 7.

To be read from bottom left:

Bottom band: Three women, four men, and a fifth man playing on an instrument called teponaztli, dance together. We can indentify 9 Grass, 11 Wind, and 6 Monkey. After the dance, 6 Monkey and 11 Wind get married by taking a bath in the river, on day 7 Flower of the year 12 House (1037).

Next band: Following the bath, the newly weds receive a number of gifts. The following year, 10 Lizard, an elder of Belching Mountain appoints two ambassadors to send princess 6 Monkey to a certain town.

Next band: The two ambassadors leave, the one in the front carrying a staff and branches, and the other carrying 6 Monkey on his back. As they travel through two towns, the local lords insult them.

Top band: Princess 6 Monkey arrives in the town called Skull, and complains to the goddess 9 Grass of the bad treatment she had received. The goddess summons two warriors as allies to the princess.

Continued on p. 8.

Interpretation adapted from Alfonso Caso, Interpretation of the Codex Selden 3135 (A.2), (Mexico City, 1964), pp. 82-83.

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