Selden, p. 8.

Codex Selden, p. 8.

Continued from p. 7. To be read from bottom left:

Bottom band: With the help of the two warriors, the princess 6 Monkey defeats the insulting lords, takes them as prisoners and burns their towns. There are two dates given for the battle: days 3 Grass and 4 Reed of the year 13 Rabbit (1038), 47 days after the elder 10 Lizard met with the two ambassadors. One lord, 2 Alligator, is sacrificed in Belching Mountain, and the other captive is spared until a future sacrifice.

Next band: The two ambassadors reappear with the princess on back, and take a prisoner. Once they arrive in the town of 11 Wind, they sacrifice the lord by taking his heart out. After this they place the Xolotl Bundle, a shield, a bloody arrow, and a staff in front of the temple.

Next band: 2 Flower, the ambassador who carried the princess, sprinkles her, who then appears decorated with the symbols of war.

Top band: Two years after the wedding of 6 Monkey and 11 Wind, in the year 2 Flint (1040), their firstborn son, 4 Wind is born. (See the corresponding page in Bodley, p. 34., with the marriage of 6 Monkey and the birth of 4 Wind.) Three years later (5 Reed), their second son, 1 Alligator is born.

Interpretation adapted from Alfonso Caso, Interpretation of the Codex Selden 3135 (A.2), (Mexico City, 1964), pp. 83-84.

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