Vindobonensis, p. 3.

Codex Vindobonensis Mexicanus I, p. 3.

Lower right: a stone disc.
Upper right: eagle in a cave.
Upper left: mountain with two ballcourts.
Lower left: In a place called Flowing Blood, the lady 8 Mazatl and a man called 7 Ehecatl are shown getting married, possibly in the year 1207. (lower left).

Interpretation adapted from C. A. Burland, "Einige Bemerkungen über den Codex Vindobonensis Mexic. 1.," Archiv für Völkerkunde 2 (Vienna, 1947), 101-107 at p. 104, and K. A. Nowotny, "Erläuterungen zum Codex Vindobonensis," Archiv für Völkerkunde 3 (Vienna, 1947), 156-200 at pp. 184-85.

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